Lars Henriksson winner of Swedish Masters 2020

Lars Henriksson winner of Swedish Masters 2020

After seven games, the father Lars Henriksson (Sweden) defeated his son Oscar Henriksson (Sweden) in the final of Swedish Masters 2020, which…

Welcome to Umeå 8th February 2020

Swedish masters 2020 will be played in Umeå. The university…

Borisov winner of Swedish Masters 2018

Maxim Borisov from Russia won the Swedish Masters 2018 by…

Yanis Galuzo tops Edgars Caics in Malmö

In the fifth Swedish Masters in Malmö Yanis Galuzo out…

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2015 Swedish Masters champion: Yanis Galuzo

The 2013 champion did it again. For the second time in three years Yanis Galuzo is crowned Swedish Masters champion. Congratulations! Full standings can be found: here.

Henriksson wins junior

The junior podium of Swedish Masters 2015 with swede Oscar Henriksson (1st) on top surrounded by fins Rene Huhtala (2nd) and Kevin Eriksson (3rd) + Jan Pelkonen (3rd). The future looks bright for table hockey!