Yanis Galuzo crowned Swedish Masters 2013 champion!

Yanis Galuzo - Champion of the Swedish Masters 2013

Yanis Galuzo, the silver medalist from Swedish Masters 2012 got his revenge. Yesterday, the Russian star won a comfortable 4-0 victory in the final against Michal Hvizd. The Czech only scored three goals and was never close to threaten Galuzo. Swedish veteran Lars Henriksson put pressure on Galuzo in the quarter final by winning the fifth game after sudden death, but Galuzo turned 2-3 into a 4-3 victory.

Jan Dryak (CZ) and Finn Fries (SE) shared the bronze medal.

The JuniorsChampion of the Juniors final was the Swedish 13 year old Oscar Henriksson who, in the final, beat Czech Honza Sládek pretty comfortably. The road to the finals was all but comfy, as both Henriksson and Sládek were under pressure from the Finnish Eriksson brothers Kevin and Aleksi, their respective games going the full distance of seven games.

With Henriksson claiming his first Swedish Masters title and Honza Sládek getting the second place, the bronze was shared between earlier mentioned Kevin Eriksson and Czech Martin Madera.

1 out of 4 rows of Table Hockey players during the Swedish Masters 2013

More winners:
Placement group B: Daniel Matysek
Placement group C: Michal Zunka
Placement group D: Stian Lode
Placement group E: Hans Christian Lønne

You can find all the results at SBHF.

The Swedish Masters also got some attention from the Swedish press as Sydsvenskan did one TV-spot about the tournament and one shorter article at the venue, CITY with a article before the tournament started and KVP/Expressen which also did a TV-spot (see below, in Swedish only).

All in all it was a great tournament and we would to thank those who came to participate, all in good spirits. We would also like to thank those who helped us make this happen, you know who you are.

We’re already planning for an even bigger event for 2014, and we hope to see you all again. We will keep you updated on what’s going on. So keep visiting both this page and our Facebook-page to make sure you won’t be missing out.

The Swedish Masters will be back in Malmö with a bang next year!