Yanis Galuzo tops Edgars Caics in Malmö

In the fifth Swedish Masters in Malmö Yanis Galuzo out of Russia managed to top Latvian and European champion Edgars Caics in the grand final winning it 4-2. Kevin Eriksson from Finland and Alexey Titov from Russia shared the bronze.

Masters 2017

The top 16:
01. Yanis Galuzo
02. Edgars Caics
03. Kevin Eriksson / 03. Alexey Titov

05. Markus Nilsson
06. Sandis Kristaps Lagzdins
07. Jimmy Mårdell
08. Jevgenijs Zaharovs

09. Finn Fries
10. Filip Hamacek
11. Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy
12. Valts Smagars
13. Oscar Henriksson
14. Dmitriy Petrov
15. Joakim Lundin
16. Antti Suojanen

Full results:
Swedish Masters 2017 @ tablehockey.me

This was the fifth and last time, at least for now, that the Swedish Masters was hosted in Malmö. Next year we’re looking forward to the Swedish Masters moving to Gothenburg. The Malmö crew would like to thank everyone that’s been part of making these past five years such a success and we look forward seeing you all in Gothenburg!

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