Official hotel

We recommend staying at the venue, Scandic Ariadne, as it’s a very nice hotel with spacious rooms. You can book directly through their website.

We have a number of reserved rooms with the following guaranteed prices:

  • Single room – 825 SEK/night
  • Double room – 925 SEK/night
  • Triple room – 1125 SEK/night
  • Family room (four people) – 1325 SEK/night

Breakfast is of course included.

To get the above prices, book your room by either mailing the hotel ( or calling them (+46 851738614) and provide the booking code #46803623.

Make sure to compare the prices before booking! The prices on the website changes based on availability.

Alternative accommodation

A cheaper option is STF Gärdet Hostel, 1 km away from the venue.


See the venue page.