Rules & referees

Playing system

There will be 6 Basic Groups with 20-21 players in each. The top 8 in each group will advance to the Final Groups. The remaining of the players will advance to Placements Groups B, C, D and E (place 9-11 to B, 12-14 to C, 15-17 to D and the remaining to E).

Final Group 1 will consist of the top 8 players from Basic Groups 1, 4 and 6. Final Group 2 will consist of the top 8 players from Basic Groups 2, 3 and 5. The results from mutual matches between players from the same Basic Groups will count in the Final Groups. Therefore there will be 16 rounds in the Final Groups.

In the Placement Groups the results from mutual matches from the Basic Groups will not count. Therefore there will be 19 rounds (17 matches and 2 byes) in the Placement Groups, assuming there are exactly 18 players.

The top 8 players in each Final Group (16 total) will advance to the main Play Offs. They will be played traditionally in best-of-7 matches. The bronze match will be played in best-of-5 matches.

The top 4 players in Placement Group B, C and D (not E) will advance to a B-, C- and D-Play Off. These will be played in best-of-5. There will not be a bronze match in these play offs.

Committee of Referees

Committee of Referees: Jimmy Mårdell (SWE), Bjarne Axelsen (DEN) and Igor Saveljev (EST)
Substitutes: To be determined!


ITHFThe International Table Hockey Federation rules will be used.

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