Rules & referees

Playing system

All players are seeded to basic groups, based on their current ITHF world ranking points OR 80% of their highest historical monthly rating points, whichever is highest.

There will be 8 basic groups. The top 6 players in each group will advance to two final groups, A1 and A2 (A1 will consist of players from group 1, 4, 5 and 8). Place 7-9 in the basic group will continue to play in placement group B, 10-12 in placement group C and so on.

In the final groups, players from the same basic group will not play each other again; the mutual scores from the basic group will count. In the placements groups, the scores from mutual matches in the basic groups will not count.

The top 24 players in the final groups (12 in each) will advance to A-playoff, played in best-of-7 matches. The top 4 players in each of the placement groups will advance to B-playoff, C-playoff etc, played in best-of-5 matches. The A-playoff will have a bronze match (best-of-5), the other playoffs will not.

Since there are many more rounds in the B- and C-placement groups than the two final groups, the A-playoff will start before the placements group have finished. The players advancing to A-playoff should therefore select the games they want to play on as soon as possible.

Committee of Referees

The committee of referees are Marcus Bengtsson (Sweden), Simon Thomas (Great Britain) and Edgars Caics (Latvia). Reserves are Bjarne Axelsen (Denmark) and Alexey Titov (Russia).


ITHFThe International Table Hockey Federation rules will be used.

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