Rules & referees


The new Stiga Play-off 21 and the new puck will be used

Playing system

Preliminary playing system (note the conference room can host a maximum of 100 players):

There will be 6 basic groups (around 17 players in each), and top 8 in each group will advance to final groups (A1 and A2).
Players from group 1, 3 and 5 will enter A1, the rest will go to A2.
Each final group will have 24 players, the result from the 7 matches in the basic groups will count. I.e. the final groups will mean 16 new matches per player.
The top 16 players from each final groups will go to playoff, best of seven matches.
Bronze match in playoff A.

Place 9-11 from the basic groups go to placement group B.
Place 12-14 from the basic groups go to placement group C.
Place 15-17 from the basic groups go to placement group D.
Each placement group will have 18 players.
Top 4 in each placement group will play finals (B, C & D), best of five matches.

Trophies to top 3 players in playoff A, and winner of playoff B, C & D.

Committee of Referees

Joakim Åström, Sweden
Igor Saveljev, Estonia
Bjarne Axelsen, Denmark


ITHFThe International Table Hockey Federation rules will be used.

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