Venue and travel info

The venue for Swedish Masters 2022 will be Hotel Scandic Ariadne.

Hotel Scandic Ariadne is located in the Värtahamnen harbour.

The hotel offers accommodation and lunch (see updated info below) and is located close to the Stockholm Subway (station Gärdet), buses and the Tallink Silja Line ferries from Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki and Turkku (Finland) and Riga (Latvia). Note! At the current time of writing this (2021-10-19), no ferries from from Tallinn or Riga are in operations during the time of Swedish Masters 2022.

About the venue

The competition will take place in a conference room (Festvåningen) at the Hotel Scandic Ariadne. This conference room can host a maximum of 100 players.

Regular conference tables will be used as game stands. 

How to get to Stockholm and the venue

There are many ways to get to Stockholm. Whether you come by aeroplane, train, bus, ferry or car, it is quick and easy.


Flying to Arlanda Airport from domestic or international airports is quick and comfortable.

From the airport you can go by train (Arlanda Express) or bus (Flygbussarna) to the city center to connect to the subway. From the subway station Gärdet (on the red line, towards Ropsten) it is walking distance to the venue.


Tallink Silja Line ferries from Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki and Turkku (Finland) and Riga (Latvia) all arrive in Värtahamen. 

If you arrive by car there are plenty of parking lots available.

Hotel Scandic Ariadne.

The playing hall (picture taken from 2019 when another conference room at Hotel Scandic Ariadne was used for the competition)

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