Venue and travel info

The venue for Swedish Masters 2020 will be The Kulturhuset Väven.

The Kulturhuset Väven is a cultural centre in the heart of Umeå with many exciting activities, including an indoor piazza with cafés and restaurants, two hotels, cinemas and stages, Umeå’s city library and Sweden’s first museum of women’s history

About the venue

The playing hall is right next to the river and is named FIKA! (see pictures below).

Game stands, 75 cm height, will be used

How to get to Umeå and the venue

There are many ways to get to Umeå. Whether you come by aeroplane, train,bus, ferry or car, it is quick and easy.

Flying to Umeå from towns such as Stockholm Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Malmö is quick and comfortable.

Daily flights from Helsinki make it easy to travel to Umeå from cities such as Riga, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

About 15 daily flights from Stockholm (less than 1 hour flight from Stockholm)

From the airport you can go by bus to the citycenter and then the venue is in walking distance. The trip from Umeå City Airport to Umeå City Centre takes only 8 minutes by bus.

From Vaasa in Finland, the Wasaline takes only four hours to cross the Gulf of Bothnia.


If you arrive by car there are plenty of parking lots available.

Kulturhuset Väven.

The playing hall

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